How ATEX Online Shop Can Save You From Getting Ripped Off

ATEX Worldwide - Your supplier of explosion vents for explosion venting systems


Usually what happens is that the customers in need of an explosion vent panel either have to go through the normal procurement process or arrange an emergency delivery to get the risk-free production up and running. If a normal procurement process is to be followed to order an explosion vent panel, then it could take weeks going back and forth with the quotations and purchase orders etc. and then get it delivered. It is not a smart choice for managers to keep the production process at a halt, as every second of production downtime translates into a loss. The other choice managers have in such a situation is to reach out to all the explosion vent panels suppliers they can and order from the one who can deliver it in the shortest possible time. Clearly, the idea here is to secure the explosion venting system, get the production up and running ASAP and minimize the downtime loss. Smart managers will never opt for regular procurement in an emergency situation where they have an option to get the vent panel quicker than that.

Every explosion vent panel supplier in the process safety industry is very well aware of this situation and sadly, they do not hesitate to cash out such miserable situations. The suppliers are aware that managers have to make a trade-off; they will be willing and ready to spend double or triple or even more than the original price to minimize the downtime loss. The reason is that the loss caused by downtime will always remain greater than even the three times the price of any explosion vent panel. That is why vent panel suppliers keep on taking advantage.

Currently, none of the explosion vent panel suppliers in the industry explicitly disclose how many types do they offer, what sizes are available, how many are in stock and what are the prices of individual panels. They keep this information away on purpose so that customers get in touch with them directly via the contact page on the website or via phone call/ E-mail. When suppliers are contacted directly then they are being ripped off individually depending upon how miserable and urgent the situation is.

We as a company thought that an explosion vent panel is just an accessory for the explosion venting systems and must be readily available to the customers. As a corporate socially responsible firm must help the customers minimize their risk and downtime losses. Money shouldn't always be a priority. Therefore we invested and took this initiative of ATEX online shop just to facilitate our customers around the globe. ATEX Online shop if fully transparent with all the information upfront. You can see the available types, how many are in stock, how many sizes of each type are available and what are the prices of individual panels.

Neither do we charge anything extra for quick deliveries, nor do we take any other advantage or benefit from our customers in need. We do not cash out such miserable situations. Customers will only pay regular vent panel prices and shipping costs. No rip-offs, no extra charges, everything upfront.

Here are the four categories of explosion vent panels to choose from:

  1. Rectangular, Domed, Integrated Frame with EPDM Gasket & Vacuum (max.): 200mbar
  2. Rectangular, Domed, Integrated Frame with Silicon Gasket & Vacuum (max.): 200mbar
  3. Rectangular, Flat, Integrated Frame with EPDM Gasket & Vacuum (max.): 50mbar
  4. Round, Domed, Integrated Frame with EPDM Gasket & Vacuum (max.): 200mbar

We have carefully included various standard sizes in the portfolio that are being used in the industry. Here are the direct links to ATEX online shops to choose from: