Why Need Online Shop For Explosion Vent Panels

ATEX Worldwide - Your supplier of explosion vents for explosion venting systems.


As a fire and explosion protection company, we completely understand the urgency of explosion vent panel/bursting disc when needed. Through this online store, we are ready to deliver explosion vent panels to your doorstep within 2-3 days time. We have strategically distributed stock of vent panels among our offices in Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, the UK and the USA, covering the entire globe. This means wherever our customers are, we are never too far to rescue. We are offering multiple explosion vent panels in various standard sizes and shapes used in the industry.

We have taken this initiative just to facilitate our customers worldwide. We know from our experience that whenever there is a panel opening in the explosion venting system due to any pressure changes in the process, the explosion vent panel has to be replaced in order to carry on with the production. As long as the vent panel is not replaced, the production has to be stopped resulting in downtimes. Production downtimes translate into huge losses and hence disturbing the whole supply chain. 

Now as a production in-charge, you wouldn't want to keep the production at a halt and you are in need of a vent panel so that the production process can be started again. You can do it in a few minutes by visiting https://atexvents.com/, choose your region, choose the explosion vent panel of your requirements from four categories, order it right away and get it delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 days. Now you do not have to go back and forth with the standard procurement process in order to purchase an explosion vent panel.

Neither do we charge anything extra for quick deliveries, nor do we take any other advantage or benefit from our customers in need. We do not cash out such miserable situations. Customers will only pay regular vent panel prices and shipping costs. No rip-offs, no extra charges, everything upfront.

Here are the four categories of explosion vent panels to choose from:

  1. Rectangular, Domed, Integrated Frame with EPDM Gasket & Vacuum (max.): 200mbar
  2. Rectangular, Domed, Integrated Frame with Silicon Gasket & Vacuum (max.): 200mbar
  3. Rectangular, Flat, Integrated Frame with EPDM Gasket & Vacuum (max.): 50mbar
  4. Round, Domed, Integrated Frame with EPDM Gasket & Vacuum (max.): 200mbar

We have carefully included various standard sizes in the portfolio that are being used in the industry. Here are the direct links to ATEX online shops to choose from: